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Marsha has a guaranteed process around time that will create Awareness while helping eliminate Guilt with being too busy for self interests.

Our clients say ...

Todd & Marsha engaged our group and release them through activities and conversations towards the value of work-life balance.  "Thank you for providing a solution to being out of time!"



It's all in the awareness of time...

Get A Life Sessions help you become aware of your time, where you spend it and how to make, take and share time in your interests to achieve balance!


Todd Davis began his Recreation profession in 1975 and has continued on as an entrepreneur and founder of many of today's current team building concepts.  Besides being a Coach Marsha has partnered and is a featured facilitator in the business. They have been married and worked as a team since 1988 and now offer solutions to Fun at and Away from Work. This process of regaining the value of TIME, then integrating interests will change the way people life away from work. And by the way, come to work ready to engage in TEAMWORK!

PARK means you need to shut off your engine and STOP and pause in the busy schedule of life.  RECREATE means to renew, restore and schedule intentional activities and interests to HAVE FUN.  Our session helps participants discover solutions to Invest time into hobbies, interests, fitness, friends, community and personal values.  This is what Get A Life is all about!  Surveys say that 7 out of 10 people aren't engaged at work, and by the way, the 7 out of 10 aren't engaged in their fun away from work. 

Todd & Marsha Davis have been helping people and companies have FUN for over 28 years.  Their ability to release people to the value of having "fun at and away" from work is a gift that just makes sense.  If you want to leave work happy, you need to show up happy!  Our process called "Get A Life" & Have More Fun releases participants to integrate fitness, fun, volunteering and interests into their weekly lifestyle.

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