Our programs work! They engage adults of all interests, with a discovery process allowing them to leave the workshop with a game plan.  Sharing ideas and solutions around the table with others creates a meaningful learning experience.

Park and Recreate or Stop and have FUN is our Mission. Our goal is to restore the I to TEAM, or individual commitment to life-leisure balance by "Getting A Life" and having more FUN away from work.  Our Vision comes from 25 plus years of working with and listening to people and realizing that the most satisfied people at work were the ones that invested time weekly in their areas of interest through Recreation and quality Leisure Time! The Values that we share with participants focus on "taking care of your SELF" and spending time in their identified areas of interest.  It's what you do with the "available time" away from "obligated time" that identifies one's self in life.  The success we have combines Mission, Vision, and Values achieved by releasing people to five outcomes:

1. Awareness of available time on a weekly basis

2. Season of Life which changes constantly

3. "Shared Time" with others in our interests

4. NO GUILT between work, home and self, reduces felt stress

5. Be Intentional and schedule time for your interests

Mission, Vision, Values

There comes a time when you have to decide to make and take time to do the things in life you want to do!  Don't wait until vacation or retirement to have some fun because between now and then, you will feel your life will be out of balance.  Our Get A Life solution will inspire the individual participant to invest a set amount of time weekly into their areas of interest and Stop to and have FUN! Participants examine obligated and free time then find solutions to integrate interests and make time!

get a life


It is our mission  to help you find your Passion in life and HAVE MORE FUN. What are your hobbies?  Special Interests? Goals for Fitness & Health?  Where do you want to volunteer?  How and who can you share time with to enjoy life? Our "Have More Fun" process allows participants to fill in their "free time" chart with their goals and interests. 

Life is part of everything we do, including our paid and non-paid jobs.  From our experience we also know that "7 out of 10" people are somewhat or very "out of balance" in life.  The 30% that are engaged at work, are also the "3 out of 10" who would say they make and take time for their personal interests away from work.  As we discovered, they Park and Recreate as part of their weekly lives.

 work-leisure balance

Our Commitment