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Take a few minutes and watch this video of Who's Sinking Your Boat.  As you watch ask yourself what has happened to the work place today and why are so many people disengaged?

Ok, you watched it and you can look around and see the lack of rowers in your company the and dis-engagement at work. Or can you see it? Will you spend a lot of training dollars to try and fix it? Or what is the contributing issues that create the problem? How has the busyness of business and technology changed our boat at work and what will make our team row the boat better in the future?  

  • Why are managers having a hard time motivating employees?
  • Can a motivational speaker or training program fix the problem?
  • Why has upper management stopped investing into team building?  Is it because it does not work?
  • Could the problem be that the "I" in TEAM or Individual is not "engaged" in life away from work?  Or work-life balance!

                               We solve the challenges with our core workshop "Playshop"!  Fun At and Away from Work"

fun at & away from work

"Get a life & have more fun"

There are a lot of concepts, training programs, books and motivators that can provide you with ideas, activities, and concepts that can help your BOAT FLOAT!  But how long will it last?  We have a process that will help your management team with their ongoing strategies to guide 7 or 8 out of 10 to keep rowing the boat. 

  "There is NO TEAM without a commitment from the "I" or individual to play the game"

Get A Life "Have More Fun" will provide a new perspective to participants through a process that allows them to accept responsibility for Having FUN Away from work and bringing their top game to work.  Our workshop engages your group in activities, individual time charting and group discussions to help create awareness about investing time into areas of their INTEREST!

SERVICES:  We offer speaking sessions that engage your audience in discussions for a .45-1.5 hour or an engaging workshop for 2-3.5 hours.  Our speaking offers a 15-minute presentation and 15 minutes of group "fun" followed by table talk for the balance of the session. The Playshop offers a more interactive experience throughout the session where we balance speaking, presentation, participation and practical application towards the topic. Our Fun Coach programs offer interactive teamwork blended with a message of having MORE FUN to connect with the audience or people.  Check out our video and how people will shift their minds from being too busy to "park and recreate"